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Small Businesses Have Specific Needs

You're not IBM or General Motors. You're an entrepreneur, doing what you do best and competing in a tough market. As an expert in your own field, you know good advice is worth the price. You also know that accounting and tax problems can devastate your business.

Small Business Accounting Services understands the issues faced by small businesses. We've been working with entrepreneurs like you since 1983, responding to the tax questions, financial management issues, and cash flow concerns that can make or break a small business. SBAS knows what you're up against, and has the expertise to help you minimize headaches and maximize profits

President Lorry Sorgman was named 2002 Enrolled Agent of the Yearby the Massachusetts Society of Enrolled Agents and the 2009 Mentor of The Year by the National Association of Enrolled Agents.
Nothing in your educational life has prepared you to know the tax rules. Unless you've had formal training in this area, you probably can't navigate all the intricacies of tax laws and regulations by yourself.
You may need tax representation if you:

• Haven't filed your taxes.
• Owe the IRS money.
• Are being audited by the IRS.
• Are self-employed.
• Owe the Mass Dept. of Revenue back taxes.
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